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Often You May Crawl Forward Framed Poem

Often You May Crawl Forward Framed Poem

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Often you will crawl forward,

But get knocked back,

Don’t let that deter you,

Or knock you off track,

It’s inevitable, bumps in the road,

How you confront them,

Will tell you how things will unfold,

Our predecessors are wise to imitate,

Cautiously not repeating dismal mistakes,

Dawning near is a new day,

Approach it with ingenuity,

Viewing each experience in a new way,

Life is never set in stone,

We’ll keep learning as we tread along, 

But if we may fall,

immediately getting back up is key, 

Down to long may cause an abrupt change in destiny. 

An original poem by DenysRose. 

Professional printed using HP ink on fine card stock. 

This framed poem may hang on your wall or sit nicely on a shelf. 

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