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No Excuses Inspirational Plaque

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  • Handmade
  • Wood
  • Size: 5 X 7

This is our wooden, stained plaque. This plaque is 5 X7 inches. Please note this is a natural wooden plaque. All wood has natural variations and your plaque may not look exactly as pictured. We use Traditional Cherry Stain to stain the plaques. Plaques are finished with a gloss finish. Plaques are good for inside our outside use. 

These wooden plaques are created with love. Each poem is from the heart, and is created individually and personalized. Using stain, modge podge and beautifully written words, DenysRose poetry plaques come together well. This plaque states, "No excuses make commitments, No regrets, no resentments, No time to gripe over misfortunes, Or wallow in sorrow from life’s inevitable adversaries, It is now time I accept responsibility, I have learned from the past, ….

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