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No Excuses Framed Poem

No Excuses Framed Poem

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No Excuses



No excuses make commitments,

No regrets, no resentments,

No time to gripe over misfortunes,

Or wallow in sorrow from life’s inevitable adversaries,

It is now time I accept responsibility,

I have learned from the past,

I’m implementing my findings to the present,

While bracing for what the future holds,

I am what I expect and that is much more than your expectations of me,

Success is incremental,

while setbacks are temporal,

No set road ahead, nothing is written in stone,

Daily change comes as we trod along,

Failure is not the end, just a steppingstone, 

A learning curve through life’s journey, 

Pick your head up and don’t you fret, 

There are much of life’s lessons to learn just yet.


An original poem by DenysRose. 

Professionally printed using HP ink on fine card stock. 

This framed poem may hang on your wall or sit nicely on a shelf. 


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