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I Am Not A P.O.M.E. Inspirational Plaque

I Am Not A P.O.M.E. Inspirational Plaque

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  • Handmade
  • Wood
  • Size: 5 X 7

This is our wooden, stained plaque. This plaque is 5 X7 inches. Please note this is a natural wooden plaque. All wood has natural variations and your plaque may not look exactly as pictured. We use Traditional Cherry Stain to stain the plaques. Plaques are finished with a gloss finish. Plaques are good for inside our outside use. 

I Am Not A P.O.M.E.

I am not a P.O.M.E.

 I am more than what you think of me,

My environment does not define me,

My dreams are much bigger than these corners, these streets,

 Product of my environment will not describe me,

My thoughts defile the rules of gravity,

My environment is not all I see,

I dream--plan goals, and make it a reality,

You cannot stereotype me, or discuss me statistically,

I choose to not allow adverse situations destruct me,

 I’m a representation of what is and what is not,

A product of my choices, my decisions, my expectations,

I am not a P.O.M.E

An original poem by DenysRose. 

These plaques are stained with traditional cherry wood stain. Printed on high quality card stock paper and mod podged on with a Epoxy finished. Plaques come ready to hang on the wall. 

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