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African American (Alphabet Flash Cards)

African American (Alphabet Flash Cards)

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This is a great learning tool for all. Children and adults may benefit from this product. 

On the front of the cards are the upper case letters of the alphabet, a picture of the African American that corresponds with the letter and their first and last name. On the back of the cards are a small biography of the African American on the front. 

Use this set to recall the letters of the alphabet and/or to learn/recall these prominent African Americans and events that has shaped History. 

There are 30 double - sided flash cards. 26 cards of the letters of the alphabet. Included are 4 bonus cards that recount historical events such as: The Emancipation Proclamation, Juneteenth, and Brown Vs. Board of Education.

They are printed on sturdy card stock paper and laminated using thick lamination to ensure durability. 

Size 3.5 X 4.8

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